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It started with a runny nose. Allergies? Within twenty-four hours I was glued to my bed with a centrifugal force. Aches, chills, and fever paralyzed me. I started coughing . . . and then I knew. The coronavirus was calling. I was fortunate. I recovered at home, and by the time I could smell and […]

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RADICALLY REDEMPTIVE RELATIONSHIPS – FINDING COMMON GROUND FOR THE SAKE  OF LOVE Skinny or Stay Hungry?OMKJOZpYOa8 When my daughter became sick, I could hardly comprehend the reality that she – my wild child, joy of my life – was ill with a disease that kills more young woman, between the ages of 17-23, in […]

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Radically Redemptive Relationships? You’ve Got to Be Crazy! Into Me See – It Takes A Braveheart The day has finally come when my dear friend since college (dare I say, over thirty years ago!?) Holly Stratton ( and I share our debut VIDEOCASTS: Radically Redemptive Relationships: Finding Common Ground For Love’s Sake. The videocasts were […]

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I went to bed last night feeling yucky. I know that’s not a real feeling, but it best describes the mix of emotions that were bubbling up inside of me. I felt restless, irritable, and discontent. I had my reasons. I’d been misunderstood and judged by a friend. My bank account did not promise extra […]

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HOW I FOUND $36,000!

  I didn’t want to go. I didn’t have time to go. But I remembered what it was like to be confined, unable to even get your own Chapstick. (And in the dry heat of Colorado that can be traumatic.) In fact, as I drove on this reluctant errand, I recalled when my parents discovered […]

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In the wake of yet another scandal we are discovering that all the ways that the Internet allows us to connect are also baffling, cunning, and insidious ways to disconnect. A website that “guarantees” you an affair if you can pay the price, leaves most of shaking our heads at who would think of such […]

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Botox, Brokenness, and the Smell of Booze – Salvation Story #31

We are almost there.  In a little over twenty-four hours we get to start a new year.  A new year.  In the past, I have anticipated the beginning of a new year with resolve to . . . * lose weight — become a new me in a smaller size with new habits that include […]

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Wow!  It has been a long time since I’ve written — not because there have been no salvation stories, but perhaps because there have been so many of them.  Salvation Stories beginning, unfolding, confusing, challenging, terrifying, encouraging, emerging, disentangling, releasing, unravelling, confounding, baffling, arousing, exacting, imposing, heartbreaking, and continuing  . . . . If I used […]

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OCTOBER 1, 2012 begins the testing period for the Mobile Phone Apps I’ve been working on to bring Therapy to the IPhone; to bring what is not seen (true reality – that require faith to see there’s more than meets the eye; an opportunity to look at incredibly private and personal issues like body image […]

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It’s been almost three months since I last posted a Salvation Story.  Time does truly fly sometimes, doesn’t it?  There isn’t a tragic or wonderful reason I haven’t written.  I’ve been busy.  My clients have been more burdened, more needy, more desperate . . . and I’ve been more privileged than usual to be a […]

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