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Made for more

“Back in middle school I asked my mom, “Why shouldn’t I just go party with all of the other kids?” I remember her saying, “Because you want More.” I am almost twenty-two years old now and I still want more. I want more from/for myself. I want more from my relationships. I want More from […]

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Ultimately, we long for heaven where we will experience the fullness of our longings. We will be free from suffering and struggling. We will rejoice with delight and rest in being made new, without any effort of our own. But we are not very good at waiting. I remember pointing this out to one of […]

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Sweet surrender

“I surrender all. All to Jesus I surrender. I surrender all.” I’ve sung those words and not had a clue what they meant. I’ve wanted to mean them and tried to let go, only to find myself running my own life again. The very thought of surrender seemed like a lot of work! Last year […]

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The deepest need of the human heart

About a year ago I traveled to speak to a group of women in Alabama. As soon as I arrived one of the women greeted me warmly, “We just loved reading your book, Bravehearts.” I answered, “Thank you. I wrote that book almost six years ago. A lot has changed in my life since then.” […]

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