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Like everyone else I am listening to the news about failing banks and a crumbling financial market and hoping my meager earnings and savings will suffice.  I have never been particularly savvy when it comes to financial wheeling and dealing, so I have had to listen hard to understand what is really at stake here.  […]

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Lesson #2 From the Mayo Clinic

Day #2 at the Mayo Clinic with my friend found us back at the hospital again at 6:00 a.m.  I went down to the main floor in search of a Diet Coke and sat down to drink it in the lobby.  Next to me (in a wheelchair) sat a woman who looked like she was […]

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Lesson #1 From the Mayo Clinic

A few weeks ago I had the privilege of accompanying a friend to the Mayo Clinic.  When I first got there I was amazed and appalled.  When we pulled up to one of the hospitals in the sprawling complex, there were 60-75 people in wheelchairs waiting for transport.  Everywhere we went there were sick people […]

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