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Three weeks ago my friend, Nick Richtsmeier and I began The Convos – a conversation on Facebook (about the worst place to have a conversation) based on our belief that conversations make us and break us. This week we talked about Thanksgiving table talk, gun violence, trolls, the “love zone,” the Orlando nightclub shooting, and […]

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If you missed CONVO #1 on SAVING CONVERSATION, you can listen by copying this link and clicking:!Asfc_1Nx41LwgYdffizom47EM7fPHQ or go to Yes, I introduced myself as an almost 60 year-old woman (holy cow!) who is half Republican, half Democrat; part introvert and part extrovert; a recovering alcoholic; fierce lover of Jesus; and as someone who […]

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Today is our fifth videocast in our series about Radically Redemptive Relationships.  There is probably no other area in life where we experience more pain, hope, heartache, and desire . . . and I think God intended it to be that way. My prayer is that we will not be afraid to look a little […]

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RADICALLY REDEMPTIVE RELATIONSHIPS – FINDING COMMON GROUND FOR THE SAKE  OF LOVE Skinny or Stay Hungry?OMKJOZpYOa8 When my daughter became sick, I could hardly comprehend the reality that she – my wild child, joy of my life – was ill with a disease that kills more young woman, between the ages of 17-23, in […]

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Radically Redemptive Relationships? You’ve Got to Be Crazy! Into Me See – It Takes A Braveheart The day has finally come when my dear friend since college (dare I say, over thirty years ago!?) Holly Stratton ( and I share our debut VIDEOCASTS: Radically Redemptive Relationships: Finding Common Ground For Love’s Sake. The videocasts were […]

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        We met under a street light and started talking about everything . . . the war between Catholics and Protestants in Ireland, the Pope, the South (in the 1970’s), boys (in the 1970’s), Jesus, and the strange soup that they served in the Dining Common that married the unlikely flavors of […]

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  The headlines crush us again with stories of inappropriate relationships that result in severe consequences — the loss of job, reputation, and trust. I’m afraid we read the headlines and fill in the story with images from terrible television shows like Mistresses or country western songs that tell stories of lost lovers or lost dogs or […]

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  A stately Norwegian man with white hair and sparkling blue eyes stood before a bunch of beat-up, bedraggled, brave women.  He was giving us some final words before we left the place-of-no-other-choice to join a world filled with too many choices.  We were at Haselden – a treatment center hidden in the tall Minnesota […]

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It all began with Fifty Shades of Grey. I should explain.  As many of you have kindly noted and inquired about, I haven’t written a blog for a long time.  Quite honestly, I didn’t have anything to say.  My own health struggles left me barely able to work and crawl home to sleep.  The heartache of […]

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Botox, Brokenness, and the Smell of Booze – Salvation Story #31

We are almost there.  In a little over twenty-four hours we get to start a new year.  A new year.  In the past, I have anticipated the beginning of a new year with resolve to . . . * lose weight — become a new me in a smaller size with new habits that include […]

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