It is important to tell the secret of who we truly and fully are, otherwise we come to accept instead the highly edited version.
– Frederick Buechner


From Publisher’s Weekly:

Counselor Hersh (The Last Addiction) explains in this refreshing work that everyone shares the longing for “more” and suggests understanding this desire will help us draw closer to one another. . . She explains how addiction and relationship problems point to a deeper need to draw closer to God, and argues that God commonly reveals his plans for a person during dark moments. . . Hersh’s uplifting testament . . will appeal to [those] looking for practical ways of renewing their faith.”

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“I found that I had to reorder Sharon’s book a dozen times because I kept giving it away to people I knew. When I found that she was available to speak to our group, I was elated. The conference was incredible! Sharon demonstrated God’s heart with great compassion and mercy, while holding the truth without compromise. She has a grip on the spiritual aspect of recovery  like few I have heard. Can’t wait to hear her again when she’s in our region.”
-Pastor Bob Holloway, Celebrate Recovery Facilitator, The Rock Church, Castle Rock, CO

“Sharon Hersh gave practical Biblically-modelled methods for building alliances with my adolescent children.  I felt called to give my teen a vision for who he is and who he can be.”
-Collyn Harper – Orlando, FL

Beyond Addiction stands out as more than a conference to fix your addiction, but a hope to to invite you to living with a delightful purpose, breathtaking love, and exhilerating freedom.  Sharon has tasted the freedom of Christ and because of that she is able to offer really hope to all who participate with practical advice for addicts and those who love them.”
–  Mike Fernandez, Northland Church – Orlando, FL

“I took Addiction courses taught by Sharon and was highly impressed with her ability to deliver content in a professional and deeply authentic manner.  She helped open my eyes to the world of eating addictions (specifically) and played a foundational role in my preparation as a professional counselor.”   K. Halvorsen – Colorado Springs, Colorado

“Sharon Hersh gets addiction, let me re-phrase that.  I believe that she understands the very soul of addiction.  If you want someone who will meet you in your deepest struggle and, begin to shed light on a path out of the depths of darkness, Sharon is for you.  She is tough and she is kind, and will call you on your stuff.  I will be forever grateful as she has been a key player in a happy, healthier life for me and my family.”  Tena D., Broomfield, CO

“Sharon’s skill as a marriage counselor is intuitive, creative and results-oriented.  My husband and I came to Sharon with a “block” in our communication and marriage.  Within the hour, of the first session, Sharon had given us tools to remove walls we’d erected, begin our rebuilding and communicating.”  S. Rule – Parker, Colorado.

“Can’t say enough about Sharon – She’s tops.
If you want to take your marriage from bad to good, or good to great you need only do three things:
First, agree with your spouse that both of you will do whatever she asks (she’s wonderful at not taking sides, yet deeply caring), and she won’t ask you to do wierd things – she’s trustworthy.
Second, book regular appointments.
Third, show up… and do what she asks you, it’s even OK to fail here so long as you are both sincerely trying and you talk with Sharon about what happened. Repeat this process until your marriage is great.
It’s really that simple… no matter how bad your marriage is!”  — Carl G, Louisville, CO

“I’ve know Sharon for more than four years. She has helped me in such tremendous ways through major adversity in my life. She has a way of bringing faith and knowledge to make you think about your issues and to really help you see how God is moving in your life. She truly cares about what you feel and what you are going through.
Going through individual and marriage counseling with Sharon has truly blessed us as individuals and as a couple. She helped me understand and have more compassion for my husband at a time that I wasn’t sure I could find it. Knowing that she prayed for us also made such a difference.
Before I met Sharon, We saw at least three therapist that didn’t touch on the way that Sharon really handled our situation. I have the utmost respect for Sharon, and I am more than grateful to her.”   Robyn K.