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  A stately Norwegian man with white hair and sparkling blue eyes stood before a bunch of beat-up, bedraggled, brave women.  He was giving us some final words before we left the place-of-no-other-choice to join a world filled with too many choices.  We were at Haselden – a treatment center hidden in the tall Minnesota […]

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Sweet surrender

“I surrender all. All to Jesus I surrender. I surrender all.” I’ve sung those words and not had a clue what they meant. I’ve wanted to mean them and tried to let go, only to find myself running my own life again. The very thought of surrender seemed like a lot of work! Last year […]

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The deepest need of the human heart

About a year ago I traveled to speak to a group of women in Alabama. As soon as I arrived one of the women greeted me warmly, “We just loved reading your book, Bravehearts.” I answered, “Thank you. I wrote that book almost six years ago. A lot has changed in my life since then.” […]

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