Last week I invited you to my birthday wish – that we get together every Tuesday over the next few weeks. In two months we will elect our next president. What if this season – instead of pushing and pulling us away from each other – becomes our way back to one another? I asked you to bring a piece of glass with as many colors and patterns as possible and to bring a hammer. Here is the video:

My Birthday Wish

September 1, 2020 is our first Tuesday Together. The challenge is to break that piece of glass – indicating two things: we are willing to break a few rules in the way we engage with others. Belonging is something we nurture and grow. It requires that we show up as our most vulnerable selves and be deeply seen and known while we offer welcome and worthiness to others in their vulnerability. Secondly, breaking the glass is a way to hope that this season of dissension, division, distance, and disconnection is a gift. It is a gift that may cut our hands and make them bleed as we open it, but it is a gift. What if we were uniquely created for this time and 2020 is not a nightmare we hope to awaken from on January 1, 2021? This time is a gift in which we can find our true selves, one another, and the God who is writing this story – filled with sneaky viruses, tricky topics, pain-filled events, a volatile presidential election . . . and us.

This Tuesday I invite you to say something – not about the headlines of the day. There are stories of the day and stories of eternity – we get to those by acknowledging we are all wired for struggle and for the worthiness of belonging. And I invite you to do something – outside of your comfort zone. It could involve socks. Here’s the video:

I hope you will join me each Tuesday and bring your jar of dust and broken pieces. We are just getting started. We can create a movement toward belonging in every moment, every conversation, and with every person we meet. This is how we change the world. Together.

See you next Tuesday.