Do you want to have a conversation after the election? A conversation that’s not about “them?” This is about us. It’s a conversation about listening. It’s about speaking without resorting to the intellectual gymnastics of trying to be in control. It’s about the making and unmaking of the human soul.

Out of deep passion for the power of transformative conversation, Nick Richtsmeier and I are setting out on an experiment.   We come from different genders, different ages, different parts of the country, different life experiences, and different perspectives,  and yet we love to listen to each other.  So much of what happens today in conversation is chatter, defensive pontification, and propping up our fragile egos. We end up divided, disconnected, defensive, and more lonely than ever.

 What if we tried to really hear each other? Learn from each other?  And what if we did it on social media –  one of the least conversational places on earth. We have this theory that we might just learned to love each other.   The Convos  is a place for us all to be inspired to do just that.  We won’t always talk about politics, but we imagine we will be talking about it when we begin THIS THURSDAY, November 8 at 7:30 pm MST LIVE.  We are going to go live, but the program will be recorded and posted later on Facebook and Instagram.

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Join  us as we discuss our experiences with the loss of conversation in our lives and some actionable tools on how to bring it back.

We need to talk. Join us.

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