Today we show the videocast you’ve all been waiting for.  Holly shares that she is married to the best man (and I know him and he seems pretty great), but that still isn’t good enough.

When I was in middle school I wrote an essay called, “Mr. Right.” I described my dream man as a combination of Robert Redford, Howard Hughes and Bruce Jenner.  Don’t know how I can up with that!


When I wrote those lines, I was surrendered to a story of a romance that would sweep me off my feet.  There is nothing like the papercuts in marriage, the violence of not speaking to each other even though you’re married, and the heart-shattering news of discovering that you’re just part of the statistics – that marriage fails, or at the very least fizzles.

I hope that you listen to this conversation – whether you’re married or not.  You know, God told us from the beginning that it was His desire to make us into the image of dear Son.  How did we think that would happen? Well, as my pastor said in the best sermon on marriage I’ve ever heard, “Marriage is pretty sneaking way to get crucified.” (Peter Hiett)

That makes this the perfect topic for the week of Good Friday and Resurrection Sunday. This is the perfect week to fall in love with the Ultimate Man. The first Adam. The One who is the Way, Truth, and Life. The one who hung stripped and naked to a tree for the love of us, and He says, “You are bone of my bone.  Flesh of my flesh. I will never be unfaithful to you. I will never divorce you.”

My favorite quotation about marriage is that, “We all marry the wrong people. We all marry the person we, at times, end up wanting to cut into little pieces and put in the freezer. That’s because we marry for salvation love, and salvation never comes from the side. It only comes from above.” (Gina Bria)

I invite you to listen to our conversation at: Married to the Best and He Still Ain’t Good Enough – https://youtu.be/5TSSzspurDg.

And while you do, consider these words from Sebastian Moore, “”Only to your lover do you expose your worst. Understanding the Gospel results in the most generous, secure, adventurous expression of the human heart. It risks the certainty of being acceptable and accepted.”

So how is your romance going with the Lover of your soul? I believe that marriage is a shadow that points to the substance. Jesus says that we are His bride, and that He longs to enter us, implant the seed of His word, so that we might bear fruit. Marriage is just a reference point – a pretty powerful one.  Probably the most powerful one – to the Gospel.

May His inexplicable love for us – the ones with the raggedy faith, or the perfect marriage, or no marriage – no prospects – may His love make us Easter men and women.


“I am my beloved’s and my beloved’s is mine.” Song of Songs 6:3